About Us

Nicoal Kastning
• Consciously  • Ethically  • Locally Created Apparel 

Beau + Arrow Co. is a locally designed & handmade company based in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC. Our mission is to bring something different to the market by making sure that everything we put out keeps our carbon footprint & the environment on the forefront. In doing this, we aim to bring different fabric mediums to our collections and a focus on consciously created, handcrafted items by sourcing as many eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics as possible. A few items/processes that we look to bring to you are:

    • Lenzing Modal: This fiber is made of cellulose, a natural component of our renewable source material wood, typically beechwood. A characteristic of cellulose is its biodegradability: At the end of their life cycle, the fibers can re-enter the eco-system, preparing the ground on which new plants grow

    • Lyocell (Tencel TM): Lyocell fabric is an amazing eco-friendly fabric that represents a turning point in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles. Lyocell textiles are created through the use of nanotechnology, using a closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions. This process is 100% Bio-Degradable!

    • GOTS Organic Cotton: Organic cotton is specially grown without the use of pesticides and is printed with low impact dye. It is gentler on the environment and safer for your littles' skin.

    • OEKO TEX 100 Certification: A worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification process. It ensures important legal regulations such as banned azo colorants, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, lead (US-CPSIA), etc. are not used in the making-process. No yucky ingredients here!


Want to know more? Feel free to shoot me a message! Thank you for supporting me and my family.